When deciding the feasibility of a new product or process, it is critical to have access to industry experts and a science-based network of people. AURI’s innovation networks, both formal and informal, enable industry to grow by bringing together groups of people around identified areas of interest. Every group AURI convenes is different, some groups, such as the Minnesota Renewable Energy Roundtable, are open to anyone. Other groups require an application process to participate in order to keep the groups small and focused. In addition, some networking happens on a project-by-project basis to meet specific needs. Our project development directors and project managers work with each client to help connect them with the right resources necessary to bring their project to the marketplace or to disseminate research so that it gets into the hands of the right people. If you’re interested in learning more about AURI’s innovation networks, please call 800.278.8796 and ask to speak with AURI’s rural innovation network director.

Innovation Network Program

With the Innovation Network Program, we bring together different networks around specific topics in AURI’s core four areas. We build connectedness in those groups of people to help identify the greatest needs, and then bring together the right people to implement the ideas. Read more about the Innovation Network Program.

> Emerging Opportunities for Fish and Shrimp Production in Minnesota

> Biobased Road Sealant Forum

Minnesota Renewable Energy Roundtable

The Minnesota Renewable Energy Roundtable is one of AURI’s innovation networks. View information from the most recent event.

Other Resources

AURI plays a significant role in the development of new ag-based products. We don’t, however, operate alone. One of our strengths is our ability to connect to other organizations with complementary goals. Here you will find links to some of our favorite agricultural innovation organizations.

More Information

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