AURI is proud to announce the third installment of the Agricultural Innovation Partnership (AIP) program.  This program will help catalyze innovation, generate new ideas and support collaborative partnerships that either add value to Minnesota’s agricultural products or improve efficiencies in their processing.

Deliverables from the program include applied research studies as well as guides or tools to aid private companies utilizing Minnesota’s agricultural products.

Applied research must answer specific, practical questions, or explore ideas and technologies having practical business applications.

Guides or tools include research findings formatted and organized as resources for easy use by entrepreneurs and businesses.

AURI will consider proposals spanning the value-added agricultural sector, however proposals addressing the following topic areas are of particular interest:

  1. A guide to understanding food product shelf life – from basic to more advanced topics.
  2. A catalog of available and emerging antimicrobials for feed.
  3. Mapping Minnesota’s food waste value chain and recommendations for reduction at the industry/commercial level (consumer food waste reduction is out of scope).
  4. A study identifying new and emerging uses for carbon dioxide as a byproduct of agricultural processing.
  5. A compilation of existing and relevant food safety resources into an easy-to-navigate guide for small food businesses.
  6. A report on successful retail strategies and hurdles as it relates to supporting local foods, as well as consumer acceptance of local foods in the region.
  7. A research study exploring opportunities to add value to cultivated wild rice.

Information generated through the AIP program is public domain and shared with the intent of helping producers, entrepreneurs, businesses and agricultural processors explore opportunities and technologies in the areas of biobased products, food, renewable energy and coproducts.

The deadline for submitting a proposal is June 14, 2019.  For complete program criteria and information on how to submit a proposal, click here to download a copy of the AIP program guidelines. For further information, contact AURI Senior Director of Innovation & Commercialization, Jennifer Wagner-Lahr at