AURI offers unique resources designed to help develop new uses and value additions to Minnesota-grown agricultural products. We are here to help you find new uses for traditional, unexplored or overlooked resources. Here’s an overview of our three services areas:

Applied Research

Through practical, applied research we identify emerging opportunities to add value to agriculture products. This information is publicly available in order to help entrepreneurs and businesses generate ideas for new products and processes.

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Innovation Networks

When deciding the feasibility of a new product or process, it is critical to have access to industry experts and a science-based network of people. With a broad range of networks, AURI can help bring together the right people at the right time.

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Hands-on Scientific Assistance

Scientists are available to provide consulting and technical services in the areas of:

  • Product and process development
  • Product evaluation and testing
  • Sourcing materials equipment and services

Labs are available to clients for hands-on testing and development.

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