Focus Areas

Focus Areas

Our work in ag-based commodities focuses on four core areas: food, renewable energy, biobased products, and coproducts. In these four areas, AURI provides idea-generating research, resource networks, and hands-on scientific and technical assistance. If you have questions, please contact us.

Biobased Products

biobased-products-iconBiobased Products

There is a growing opportunity for Minnesota businesses to use agricultural products to replace traditionally petroleum-based ingredients in materials such as plastics, films, building materials, lubricants, sealants and much more. >View biobased brochure

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Nearly every agricultural processor generates waste or coproducts. Creating new uses for these by products can create significant new revenue streams. >View coproducts brochure

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Today’s consumers are health-conscious and busy, demanding convenient and wholesome foods, and food safety is more important to consumers than ever. This critical, ever-evolving industry presents a significant opportunity for many businesses. > View food brochure > View AURI Food Resources > View Starting a Food Business Roadmap  

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Renewable Energy

renewable-energy-iconRenewable Energy

The production of renewable energy from agricultural products remains an exciting opportunity. From transportation fuels to heat to electricity, we’re working on ways to keep ag-based bioenergy a strong contributor to the state’s economy. > View renewable energy brochure The Minnesota Renewable Energy Roundtable is an AURI community of innovation in the area of renewable energy. […]

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