Becky Philipp

Becky Philipp

As a project manager, Becky  has responsibility for planning, implementing, and finalizing projects, as well as identifying and developing projects in cooperation with AURI staff, stakeholders, state and federal agencies and other collaborators as opportunities and needs arise. managing proprietary and public initiative projects in collaboration with the respective project team members and clients to ensure timelines and milestones are met and desired project outcomes achieved.  Responsibilities include coordinating with AURI staff and partners to provide marketing and technical assistance and product development.

Philipp joined AURI in 2000 and has served in a number of positions throughout her career with AURI, including project development director, director of learning and growth, human resources and information technology manager, and executive assistant/HR coordinator.  She has more than 20 years of experience working with agricultural-related organizations, having worked for the USDA‐Farm Service Agency as an Administrative/Program Technician for nine years prior to joining the organization.  Philipp has been an active member of the Heating the Midwest with Renewable Biomass (HTM) Steering Committee and has co-chaired the HTM Biomass Resources and Demographics Action Team since 2011. She was also born and raised on a farm in northwest Minnesota.

Philipp graduated Summa Cum Laude from Moorhead State University, Moorhead, MN, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Sociology and a minor in Political Science. She also completed a three-month intensive LeaderImpact/Leadership program in 2008 and the Excellence in Nonprofit Management series in 2007, both sponsored by the Northwest Minnesota Foundation. She also regularly participates in bioenergy training/conference events and has been a regular attendee of the Farmer Cooperatives Conference hosted by the University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives.


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Value-Added Opportunities and Alternative Uses for Wheat and Barley

Posted on December 11, 2012, in News, Research

Read the complete report: Value-Added Opportunities and Alternative Uses  for Wheat and Barley About This Report The overarching objective of the “Value-Added Opportunities and Alternative Uses for Wheat and Barley” research initiative was to identify opportunities that can develop Minnesota’s agricultural economy as it relates to wheat and barley production so as to capture higher […]

Mechanical Dewatering Technologies for Wet Biomass Feedstocks

Posted on August 1, 2012, in Research

Read the complete report: Mechanical Dewatering Technolgies for Wet Biomass View the presentation: Dewatering Technologies for Wet Biomass About This Report Many wet biomass feedstocks generally have low value due to the high cost of thermally removing water to make use of the lignocellulosic material contained therein. There are mechanical technologies that can potentially remove […]

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Midwest Biomass Inventory Assessment

Posted on April 25, 2012, in Research, Tools

The objective of this study was to determine potential biomass resources within the Midwest for thermal heating applications in order to provide a “snapshot” of the Midwest Biomass Inventory Assessment for presentation at the 2012 Heating the Midwest Conference & Expo and for furthering the vision of the Heating the Midwest Initiative.  This was done, […]

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Craft Brewery Field Day

Posted on October 11, 2017, in Ag Innovation News

By AURI This past July, AURI and its client, Vertical Malt, hosted a Craft Brew Field Day in Crookston, MN, that brought together groups from throughout the craft brewing industry, from farmers to brewers. AURI saw it as an opportunity to highlight the successes of the project and the business itself, as well as offer […]

New Study Shows Promise for Biomass Cooling

Posted on October 6, 2016, in Ag Innovation News

Earlier this year a new feasibility study, conducted in part by AURI, showed biomass cooling can be a viable option for small-to-medium sized commercial, industrial and residential units. The research results, which are part of the Biomass for Cooling System Technologies: A Feasibility Guide, also identifies innovations that utilize biomass as the essential wellspring of energy for cooling systems.

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