Larry Johnson has operated his own consulting business, providing continuous services to the ethanol industry since 1985 with the exception of 2000-2006 while Business Development Director for Delta-T Corporation where he developed greenfield ethanol production facilities throughout the country. More recently he worked with new technologies and 2G ethanol in the US for a European technology company, defining the capital requirements and structure to collect, store and deliver 460,000 tons of corn stover annually.

Larry provided consulting services to many facets of the U.S. ethanol industry as well as policy support for fuel ethanol interests. The state of Minnesota was a major client for 10 years from 1987 through 1997 during which Larry became known as the “Ethanol Answerman” for his efforts in correcting the many misperceptions about the use of ethanol blends in a variety of engines. He was one of the founders of the public/private partnership in Minnesota that has come to be known as the “Minnesota Ethanol Model

His deep roots in the agricultural community reflect the values and work ethics of Midwest agriculture and contribute to his efforts to cultivate a strong investment base from local interests into every ethanol project. He brings hands-on expertise and knowledge of agricultural production, marketing, environmental services, project development, financing, public relations and risk management to value added projects.

From 1964 to 1988, Larry owned and operated a cash grain farm and turkey hatching egg operation in Carver County, Minnesota. He spent 9 years on the Minnesota Corn Growers Board and served as President in 1985. He also served on the National Corn Growers Board for 6 years. Larry was elected as supervisor to the Carver Soil and Water Conservation District from 1978 to 1990 and served as Chair of the Metro Association of SWCDs for 10 years.

Larry and his wife Sandy have three grown children and reside near Cologne, Minnesota.